Step 1: College Years

5 Jun

I’m a 19 year old college girl and music is my life. My biggest dream is to sing on Broadway and has been since I was 5. Every passing day and every step, gets me closer to my dream.

This blog will be about every new step I take that gets me one step closer to the Broadway stage.

A big step, is going to college. And atfer my first year, I’ve realized that in college you experience new people and cultures and you try things you may not have done before. You make time for yourself, while maintaing and struggling, with 18 hours of classes, homework, assignments, and readings. Late nights or all nighters to prepare for exams, sharing a room with a complete stranger, and trying to maintain at least a 3.6 GPA, is all a big part of the college life.  Something that a lot of college students decide to do, is rush a fraternity or a soroity. I am one of those students.

On January 20, 2012, after being inducted, I started training to become a member of the National music fraternity for women, Sigma Alpha Iota. After lots of studying and preparing, and passing the National test, I became an official member on March 24.

After a month of being a member, I was nominated to be receptions chair. Which means, with the help of a handy dandy binder and a one person committee, I take care of all the Senior recitals of SAI and the boy fraternity for music Phi Mu Alpha when asked. Also, any other SAI event, I’m in chage of the refreshments.

My official duties start in August, when school starts back up again. But, I’m both scared and excited to be given this privelege.

I made the Deans List. I don’t how I did it, but I did. 😀 And now since I’m in the system, more pressure is on me to keep this up.

However, August is a long way off and I intend to keep these things to back of my mind until August 21st.

Overall, my first year of college was a great success. Nothing and everything I thought it would be. One important thing I did learn, was that you have to get involved. Even in a small community, where the whole college only has 600 people, you have to get involved. Book clubs, Chapel, Worship groups, Bible Study, Sports, Choir, Band, soroity/fraternity, something. Or college life won’t be everything you’d hoped it would be. Trust me, the first month of college for me, was miserable. Then I got involved and I had the time of my life.

Remember, every day gets you one step closer to your dreams.

Have a great and beautiful day! -Ginn